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Spa & Wellness

Convince your guests to balance the body and soul with a digital twin of the SPA.

Immersive Navigation...

Navigating inside the place is as easy as playing games.

Keeping the "be there" feeling has never been more realistic.

Differentiate From Competitors
By using the power of digital marketing, exceed expectations, give your guests the opportunity to discover all the beauty of your SPA with a tool different from your competitors.  

Interactive Information Sharing

Share the massage, hammam rituals, facial and body care details applied in your SPA center interactively in a virtual tour.

Online Reservation
Give your domestic and international guests the opportunity to make a reservation of your favourite massages and therapies right while discovering the digital twin online from home.

Strong Marketing
Provide agents and sales teams with a very powerful marketing tool that will impress customers. Your promotions will be different and strong.

Etkileyici Sunum
Artık fotoğraf ve videolar internet kullanıcıları için yeterli gelmiyor.  Sunumlarınızı dijital ortama taşıyın, etkileyici gerçekçi bir deneyim yaşatın. 

Dikkat Çekin

Let your guests experience the special architecture of the Spa and comfort in 360 degrees instead of photos.

Ela Quality Resort , which makes the whole resort tourable with a virtual tour, uses the power of digital marketing and offers its guests the opportunity to discover all the beauty of the SPA center with its special architecture, massages and therapies.

By offering the magical world of SPA in the most transparent way, it allows your guests to make the right choice.

Spa Cover.png

The website adds a virtual tour link to promotional pages such as social media, allowing its guests to discover the atmosphere where they will go on an adventure for balance of body and soul.

It now impresses the reality of information written for promotional purposes.

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Take your special concept and stylish decoration beyond photography to reality.

Entertainment & Activity

Give your guests the opportunity to discover the unique atmosphere of the places where you will have fun activities.


Persuade your guests to go on an adventure for balance of body and soul into your magical spa.

Conference & Meeting

Prove that you are the ideal host for meetings, congresses and organizations.

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