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Industrial Marketing Projects

It is Now Easy to Showcase Your Factory with its Digital Twin

A Matterport Digital Twin allows the viewer to seamlessly explore the factory from almost every point. 

In addition to photographing the area with quality, high-resolution images, we use a high-tech 3D camera system consisting of spatial scanning sensors. Thus, a polygonal network scan is produced in the spaces. This network is used to create a dynamic 3D model in all online environments (smartphone, computer or tablet) and virtual reality glasses such as Oculus GO, Rift or Samsung Gear .

The factory can now open its doors to online visitors by offering a new experience. Features of the manufacturing process or technical specs of specific machines can be highlighted through text, links or multimedia files like videos or jpeg's. Just let us know where to add the interactive tags, the so called "Mattertag's".

There are 3 different exploration alternatives:

- First person view,

- Floor plan view,

- Dollhouse view.

Why Matterport?

Impressive Experience

Navigate easily within the space. Then click the "Dollhouse View" or "Floor Plan View" for a 3D isometric view to see it at a wide angle.

Easy Navigation

The simple, 'game-like' interface naturally allows you to progress in one area. Discover every inch of the space with intuitive controls, keyboard shortcuts and even virtual reality!

Easy Sharing

With a link or embedded code, your 3D digital twin of your factory can be seamlessly added to your web pages. It can be shared from Whatsapp and no download or plugin required.

Traditional "Virtual Tours"
  • Limited number of navigation points

  • Isolated 360 panorama - one tour per room

  • Not every point is stitched

  • Limited to 16 photos or less

  • 3+ days delivery, post production required

  • Distracting fisheye distortion

✔︎ Matterport Virtual Tour
  • Navigation from 100's of Points

  • Real Virtual Reality - Full Bore

  • Real 3D Polygon Knitting Stitch

  • High Definition Cameras Capture 10's of Images

  • FAST! Delivery After 24 Hours (Up to 2000 m2)

  • Realistic Perspectives

  • Fullscreen

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Easily Place Tours on the Website

  • Isometric Model View

  • Floor Plan View

  • Customizable Automatic Navigation

  • Take Accurate Measurement with Measurement Tools

  • Highlight Features with the Annotation Tool (multimedia supporter)

  • Portal Entry Authority to the Customer (In projects with active use)

  • Project Files for CAD .obj

  • Compatible with Virtual Reality (Wear Glasses, Play)

  • Easily Upload to Websites.

Why Tridi Media?

Fast and Reliable Solution

Tridi Media develops tailor-made solutions regardless of the size of the space. It guarantees a low cost, guaranteed and reliable solution partnership.

Factory Experience

We have done many factory shoots until today. We are used to issues such as working hours, shifts, security, timing. Detailed plans are prepared with stakeholders and implemented accordingly. We're Turkey's most experienced Matterport service partner.

XL Space


Shots larger than 200 points requires extra expertise. It takes experience to anticipate the difficulties that may arise during shooting.

Our Sample Factory Digital Twins

or contact us to get more information and we will assist you.

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