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Virtual tour

Transfer your presentations to digital environment and create an impressive experience on your customers.

Nowadays customers conduct their researches and first visits online. This is a very important opportunity for your marketing strategies. Virtual tours can make your customers feel impressively and experience all the features of your space, concept, quality, elegance and details that distinguish you from your competitors and make them experience as if they were there.

Thanks to the ease of access from anywhere and any platform (mobile, tablet, desktop), you can present your space to every customer who contacts you and offer instant solutions.


360° photographs taken from different points with Matterport cameras are combined with a specially developed software technology and turned into an immersive 3D model.

Matterport Sanal Gezinti Rixos Spa Dollhouse Maket Görünümü 360° VR Sanal Gezinti
Buyukyali Fendi Matterport Floorplan Sanal Gezinti
Matterport Teknolojisi

Tridi Medya Matterport Hizmet Sağlayıcısı ve Google Street View

Güvenilir Profesyoneller Üyesidir

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