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360° Video Projects

Bring your projects to life and differentiate with 360° video.

360° video projects provide a 360° free experience with no frame limitation and become effective in the marketing process with the proliferation of supporting platforms. Some businesses have already started using VR technology in their internal operations (eg orientation programs).

360 ° videos can be watched with VR glasses as well as many platforms that play 360 °.

Take your brand to a new dimension with 360° video technology.

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Difference Between 360° Video and VR/Virtual Reality

360° Video

Content: Users can watch the natural environment that is shot 360°.

Platform: Can be viewed on 360° video players and VR/Virtual Reality goggles.

Production: Recorded with 360° video cameras and edited with standard video software.

VR/Virtual Reality

Content: Users interact with fictional reality.

Platform: It can be watched with VR equipment connected to the computer with strong equipment.

Production: Software development experts and designers are needed.


360° Video vs. VR/Sanal Gerçeklik
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