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Traditional Virtual Tours VS. Matterport Virtual Tours

How is Matterport Virtual Tours different from traditional 360 Panoramic Photography or other existing “Virtual Tours”?


Most traditional virtual tours are not really virtual - they can be misleading and frankly disappointing.


Typically these consist of a simple gallery of fixed and panoramic photographs , meticulously "stitched" together and guided by some outdated control schemes.


Although the techniques change, most traditional tours do not allow visitors to move around. Traditional tours offer up to 10 or more individual areas so you can see an area. Traditional photographers create these tours using DSLR cameras to capture space with multiple hand-stitched photographs to create a panorama viewed from a player.

Traditional "Virtual Tours"
  • Limited number of navigation points

  • Isolated 360 panorama - one tour per room

  • Not every point is stitched

  • Limited to 16 photos or less

  • 3+ days delivery, post production required

  • Distracting fisheye distortion

✔︎ Matterport Virtual Tours
  • Navigation from 100's of Points

  • Real Virtual Reality - Full Bore

  • Real 3D Polygon Knitting Stitch

  • High Definition Cameras Capture 10's of Images

  • FAST! Delivery After 24 Hours (Up to 2000 m2)

  • Realistic Perspectives

  • Fullscreen

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Easily Place Tours on the Website

  • Isometric Model View

  • Floor Plan View

  • Customizable Automatic Navigation

  • Take Accurate Measurement with Measurement Tools

  • Highlight Features with the Annotation Tool (multimedia supporter)

  • Portal Entry Authority to the Customer (In projects with active use)

  • Project Files for CAD .obj

  • Compatible with Virtual Reality (Wear Glasses, Play)

  • Easily Upload to Websites.

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